No matter how you look at it, in whatever genre he chooses, SF-based Jazz Saxophonist Michael Zilber is, as Downbeat and Grammy winning and nominated legend David Liebman says,"simply one of the best composers and players around anywhere. Period!"

In This Moment

Nice profile in The Mercury News


Talking about the newest release from the Stowell-Zilber collaboration, it starts with "Michael Zilber and John Stowell might be making their best music yet", and goes on from there.

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How cool is this?

Wayne Shorter tweeted about my Weather Wayne band!

Some reviews of Live Beauty

I have been so heartened and grateful by the response to the new release, Live Beauty. The # and positivity of the reviews has been overwhelming, including from all major jazz publications, including a wonderful 4 star review in downbeat from Bill Milkowski. 



Guitar great John Stowell has joined forces with Michael to record originals and renditions of songs by Kenny Wheeler and John Scofield, as well as off the beaten track standards. Joined by the...

Billy Collins Project

A true labor of love for Zilber, the project features eleven poems by Billy Collins, America’s most beloved and widely known poet, set to music for voice, sax, piano, bass and drums. Andy...

Weather Wayne

Back in the summer of 2010 my good friend from SFJAZZ, Mike Charlasch, asked me to put a group together as part of an SFJAZZ series at Amnesia in the Mission.  I had a choice of Michael...


A selection of some of Michael's recent work. Check out the projects and recordings to hear and see more.



Two videos: first the Brecker-Shorter Project, then the Billy Collins Project, both recorded live at Yoshi's. Look for more on the projects page.


From time to time Michael writes articles and other pieces — mostly about music and musicianship, occasionally on other topics.

Letter To A Talented Young Bassist

This is an adaptation of an email exchange I had with a very gifted young bassist who played in one of my groups. I thought it would be of interest to any aspiring bassist. His name has been changed to ensure his anonymity. The following is his question (which took a lot of courage to ask) and my response, both of them edited to be more coherent than an email exchange and to protect the innocent.

10 Questions For Every Aspiring Jazz Musician

Here are some comments meant for any serious student of jazz, based on my years as a player and a teacher as well as drawing liberally from my talks with Dave Liebman.

Michael Zilber interviewed by Jerry Karp

This interview by freelance journalist Jerry Karp is the best and most comprehensive Michael has done. It is posted on Jerry’s website and was the basis for an excellent profile Jerry wrote about Michael for JazzWest.