• Michael Zilber Quartet at Cafe Pink House Saratoga
“As the New Yorker says, musicians lead complicated lives, so this page is not intended as a comprehensive list of dates I am on each month, but to highlight selected shows of special note. You can always sign up for my mailing list.” – MZ

Electric Squeezebox Orchestra  

Date City Venue
07/02/17 San Francisco, California Fillmore Street Festival – California Stage
Time: 2:30pm. Age restrictions: All Ages/Licensed. Address: Fillmore Street ~ Jackson to Eddy. More information

Jazz Camp West  

Date City Venue
06/24/17 - 07/01/17 La Honda, California (CA) Jazz Camp West
Time: 4:00pm. Age restrictions: All Ages/Licensed. Address: 537 19th street. Am so looking forward to this, a gathering of some of the country’s best jazz musicians, all there to teach hundreds of aspiring jazz players. I’ll be running the Advanced Instrumental Track…should be big fun!

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