East West – Music for Big Bands

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EAST WEST: A beautifully packaged double CD, Music For Big Bands is the saxophonist/composer’s latest  on Origin Records, released November 15, 2019. Tackling an ambitious, once-in-a-lifetime project with two all-star big band recording sessions – one in New York, the other in San Francisco.  As described by leading Jazz Journalist Andrew Gilbert, “East West – Music for Big Bands embraces multiplicity. It’s not either/or, it’s and/also. It’s beauty AND burn, intense swing AND sweet balladry, all united under Zilber’s commanding and ever expanding creative purview.”

New York Band:
Bruce Williamson – alto
Todd Bashore – alto
Michael Zilber – tenor
Tommy Morimoto – tenor
Jay Rattman – baritone
Frank Greene – Trumpet 1
Alex Norris – Trumpet 2
Freddie Hendrix – Trumpet 3
Chris Rogers – Trumpet 4
Doug Beavers – Trombone 1
Alan Ferber – Trombone 2
Beserat Tafesse – Trombone 3
Max Seigel – Bass Tbn
Mike Holober – Piano
John Benitez – Bass
Marko Marcinko – Drums

San Francisco Band:
Sheldon Brown – alto
Larry Delacruz – alto
Michael Zilber – tenor
Dann Zinn – tenor
Rob Sudduth – baritone
Erik Andrews – trumpet
Mike Olmos – trumpet
Max Miller-Moran – trumpet
Erik Jekabson – trumpet
Doug Beavers – trombone
Jeff Cressman – trombone
Jon Hatamiya – trombone
Rich Lee – bass trombone
John R Burr – piano
Dan Feiszli – bass
Jeff Marrs – drums
Jeff Masanari – guitar
Joe Bagale – vocals

Produced by Michael Zilber
Recorded by New York: Aaron Nevezie, SF: Jeff Cressman
New York: The Bunker Studios, Brooklyn San Francisco – The Union, San Francisco
New York: March 27, 2018, SF: August 9, 2018
Mixing: New York: Dan Feiszli, SF: Jeff Cressman
New York: El Cerrito, CA San Francisco: San Francisco, CA
Mastered by Jeremy Goody, Megasonic Sound, Oakland, CA
Photos by Scott Chernis, Dionne Perez
Cover design & layout by John Bishop

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