Mike Drop 1

in the midst of the covid and constitutional mishigas, have started to learn how to live record in my shed, with a lot of thanks to Dan Feiszli for his sensei guidance on mics, etc…and to Jeff Marrs and Erik Jekabson for help on getting started with Logic. Am not at all interested in doing a ton of software surgery, but just getting live takes as they happen, as close as possible to how we play in my shed for a jam or rehearsal. Getting there, so thought I would share with you a live trio recording that Jeff Marrs, Peter Barshay and I just did in my rehearsal shed. 3 drum mics (2AKG overheads and an EV Bass drum mic), one sax mic (Sennheiser 441) and a bass DI, through Presonus interface into logic. Just as is…I’m getting set up to do instant snapshot takes for a many as a quintet (piano or guitar, 2 horns, bass and drums) once Covid is done, with no headphones, separation or after the fact EQ and other”fixes” in logic, so it is naked, but we get to hear each other jsut the same as on a gig. So we get what we get. It will get more dialed in, but Jeff and Peter and I pretty happy with this for a first effort. Hope you enjoy it…MZ