Mike Drop 4 – The New York Times pulls off the Anhedonic Daily Double

Well, this is funny. I am a long-term and regular reader of the New York Times. Hardly flawless, the paper is, nonetheless, excellent and largely well-written journalism.  That said, I have noticed the Times can find the downside in just about any seemingly positive news.  For instance, as an extreme example, a Times Headline might say “Scientists close to a cure for cancer, NIH reports – Millions will now live, but significant concern as to the impact on the health industry and economy.”  This is only slightly exaggerated.  I was reminded of their ability to look on the downside of life, their endless anhedonia and concern trolling, by this headline from today’s paper, reporting on the remarkable first day of Biden’s presidency. They managed to find TWO, count ’em two downsides to Biden’s auspicious start, as the omnipresent “some experts” say he is at once overly optimistic AND not ambitious enough.  What’s next, Times?  “Contrary to most studies, you can be too fat AND too thin at the same time,”  reports the New York Times