Mike Drop 8 – more from the shed

So here are 3 shed tunes done in the past week that I hope you will enjoy.  A duo each with Jeff Marrs on drums and Peter Barshay on bass as well as a trio tune with the two of them. As always, first take, no edits, no surgery, no compression, no gating, just live in the room as we did it.  I always dig playing with these characters, going on 28 years now!

Sax and Bass:  Black Orpheus


Sax and Drums: Romburn (loosely inspired by Softly as in a…)


Sax, Bass and Drums:  Never Let Me Go


And with love and gratitude to Chick Corea for six decades of beautiful music and amazing compositions.  You changed the music we love for the better.

Chick Corea (Photo by Giorgio Perottino/Getty Images for OGR )