Sweet words from Dr. Brad Stone on my CD – “This is one of the premier releases of all time on Origin Records”

These words on Originals for the Originals from Brad Stone, the host of the Creative Source radio program, are among the kindest that have been said about the CD, and were originally in a personal email from Brad to me.  He enthusiastically said I should share them, so here they are.


You know, Mike, I love Origin Records.  I love what John is doing with the label, and program 98.7% of what he puts out.  His label has developed its own sound, kinda like ECM has done over the years.  It’s music that I personally would put on for enjoyment, not just for programming my show. I really dig a lot of the artists on the label.  So, this is all a prelude to what I’m about to say.  I think your record is one of the premier releases of all time on John’s label.  I think it’s going to go down as a historically important recording.  Your passion and love for those “originals” shines through in your playing on this one.
Dr. Brad Stone
Producer, Programmer and Host: “The Creative Source”
Featuring progressive jazz, fusion, new jazz releases, current artists, original compositions
JazzWeek Bobby Jackson Award Winner (Jazz Programmer of the Year),
Internet/Non-Terrestrial Radio, 2014 and 2015